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Studying abroad to high schools and universities in the world are giving young students great benefits. ACE: Academic Cultural Exchange centers contributes to the cross-cultural exchange by arranging the program for you.

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Itsukushima Shrine, Miyajima in Hiroshima, the World Heritage Site
Greetings from Hiroshima!

ACE Ryugaku Center was founded 40 years ago by Mr. Toshiaki Yoshida, a master of Shorinji Kempo, for the purpose of cultural exchange around the world. He is the first person opened a Kenpo Dojo in London, and currently has many students in the country.

ACE has four regional centers in Tokyo, Nagoya, Takamatsu, and Hiroshima. We are an agent for, international education, and cultural exchange. ACE has received a long-standing activity award from the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We are a member of NPO Ryugaku Kyoukai (Japan Study Abroad Association) and create educational opportunities for young people in study abroad activities in various regions. We are a participating member of“Tobitate Study Abroad Japan” which is sponsered by the Japan Ministry of Education.

We introduce foreign educational institutions and programs, assist with visa applications, prepare English courses, and arrange travel and accommodation for those who wish to study abroad. We also provide counseling and orientation services to ensure that students studying abroad have a smooth transition into their programs. As a result, we have consistently arranged for many students to study around the world.

ACE is a formal partner agent for Kaplan International, INTO University Partnerships, FLS Language Centers, and many educational institutions.

ACE Co., Ltd. as ACE Hiroshima was established in 1982, is a franchised office in ACE group. The company capital stock is 10 million JPY. ACE is a sponsor of the Hiroshima World Peace Volunteer Activity.

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